2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients of the Bradley R. Smith Memorial Scholarship! Good luck to all of you in the future.

From Bethel Baptist Church: Karsen Yonaka, Chelsie Anderson

Avery Cozzi - Macoutah High School
Madison Vorce - O'Fallon High

Reagan K Lynn Smallwood - O'Fallon High
Andrew Snyder - Highland High
Elijah Kraable - Troy VFW
Megan Darby - Troy VFW
Emily Rosenthal - Troy VFW
Kimberly Nance - Troy VFW
Sydney Hartoin - Triad High
Caleb Rutz - Triad High
Travis Wilson - Triad High
Sydney Wildhaber - Triad High
Jayden Ponce - Triad High

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